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What Is a Facelift?

A facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a general term for any cosmetic surgical procedure used to create a more youthful-looking face by removing or repositioning skin, fat, and/or muscle. There are multiple types of facelift operations to choose from depending on the specific needs of the patient.

Who Is a Candidate for a Facelift?

You may be a candidate for a facelift if you meet the following requirements:

  • Be in generally good health
  • Have a decent amount of skin elasticity
  • Be a non-smoker
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Have a desire to reduce signs of aging in your face
  • Have loose or sagging skin around the face or neck
  • Have the ability to follow recovery instructions
  • Have no medical conditions that impair healing

Dr. Asaria Discusses The Facelift Consultation

Facelift Toronto

Why Undergo our Toronto Facelift Surgery?

The ultimate goal with any facelift is to restore a youthful appearance without leaving an operated look. Here at Dr. Asaria's office, we are known for some of the most exceptional, most natural looking results from a facelift Toronto has to offer. Aging may be a fact of life but the good news is that its unwelcome effects simply don’t have to be.

With age comes loss of volume and elasticity in the skin and underlying tissues. This phenomenon is perhaps most noticeable in the face, where it can result in deep folds, lines and shadows that dramatically change the way we look in the mirror. Jowls along the jaw-line and sagging of the neck and chin give one the appearance of premature aging, weight-gain and overall fatigue.

Early signs of aging can often be addressed with a “liquid facelift” using injectable fillers, but for more advanced signs of aging, where long long-lasting results are desired, a facelift is often the right choice. When performed by a skilled facial plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Asaria, a facelift can yield excellent, organic looking results for both men and women.

How Much Does a Facelift Cost in Toronto?

The average cost of a facelift ranges between $25,000 to $35,000.

Dr. Asaria Discusses What a Facelift is

Facelift Toronto

* Options for surgical treatment of facial aging include our Toronto face lift (full facelift), as well as more targeted procedures such as brow-lift, mid-facelift, neck-lift and facial liposuction.

Best Facelift Toronto

Top Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Facelift surgery procedures demand technical proficiency and an impeccable artistic sensibility on the part of the operating surgeon. Many plastic surgeons perform basic facial surgery procedures to address the exterior of the face, but when the inner workings of the face are not properly attended to the results are short-lived and unnatural.

The face is all about balance. The degree of lift, the longevity of the result and the naturalness of the outcome are all dependent upon your surgeon's talents.” - Dr. Jamil Asaria

As a highly trained and focused specialist in facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Asaria possesses an in-depth understanding of the anatomy of the human face. With his years of experience in artful application of advanced facelift techniques he has developed a name for himself as one of the most trusted and best facelift surgeons in Toronto and all of Canada.

Your face is the one place where poor surgical results can't be hidden. If are you considering a facelift, you owe it to yourself to ensure that your work is done by a true expert with a focused expertise in the field facial plastic surgery.

“In order to be a great surgeon you must be knowledgeable and skilled with your hands but above all you must be able to listen to the needs and desires of your patients.”

Is Facelift surgery right for you?

Making the decision to undergo facial surgery is no small matter. There are many questions to be asked prior to your facelift in Toronto. A private consultation with Dr. Asaria will provide the opportunity to get all your questions answered by one of the top facelift surgeons in Toronto and determine whether a facelift is truly the right procedure for you.

The element that makes a consultation with Dr. Asaria truly unique is that his focus starts with you and your needs, procedures and products come after.

During this one-on-one session, Dr. Asaria will take the time to understand your concerns and learn what aspects of your face you most want to address.

Dr. Asaria Discusses Who Needs a Facelift

Facelift Toronto

Apart from selecting a cosmetic surgeon who has the proper training, you need to feel comfortable that your surgeon understands your motivations for surgery, realizes your goals, and genuinely cares about you.

Facelift Toronto

Facelift Consultation

Patients often come to Toronto facelift surgeon, Dr. Asaria interested in a facelift or other procedure that they have heard about. Instead of blindly going ahead with the patient’s request, Dr. Asaria interviews each of his patients in order to find out why they want that particular treatment or product and what it is they want to achieve. In many cases, Dr. Asaria will dissuade a person from undergoing an invasive surgical procedure when a less invasive procedure or product may in fact be all they need.

With extensive experience in the field of facial plastic surgery, Dr. Asaria has earned a reputation for providing amongst the best facelift Toronto has to offer and is well qualified to help you determine whether facial surgery is right for you.

Before & After

The best way to determine whether a surgeon is capable of giving you the results you desire is to view his past work and results.

Facelift Toronto

Dr. Asaria's Approach to his Toronto Facelifts

There are some common misconceptions surrounding face lift procedures. Among them is the idea that a face lift is done by stretching the skin tight to remove lines and wrinkles. While it is unfortunately common to see people who have had such procedures, these are nothing more than the products of untrained plastic surgeons. This type of “skin-stretching” procedure uniformly yields results are unnatural and sometimes identity-changing.

When done properly, a facelift is actually a repositioning and tightening of the muscles beneath the skin. This is how Toronto Facelift Surgeon, Dr. Asaria approaches each and every facial surgery he performs. By lifting underlying facial muscles back into their original position, a youthful appearance is restored without distorting or stretching the outer skin. This leaves the patient looking younger, more refreshed and completely natural.

Dr. Asaria will often combine facelift surgery with volume replacement procedures such as fat grafting to restore a natural, youthful appearance to the face.

Many of our patients also elect to undergo brow lift and blepharoplasty surgery at the same time to enhance their facial rejuvenation and minimize overall downtime.

Dr. Asaria was recently interviewed in Elevate Magazine for his expertise in facial rejuvenation.

Read Elevate Article Q&A

Planning your Facelift to address your specific needs

Here at FACE Cosmetic Surgery in Yorkville, Toronto, each facial procedure is designed and planned on a patient-by-patient basis. Different techniques are used depending on the heaviness of the jowls as well as the amount of loose skin in the neck, and the overall laxity of the muscles.

By customizing and tailoring our techniques to each patient’s specific needs, we are able to consistently achieve superior results.

Which type of facelift is right for me?

  • For younger patients in their 40s: Dr. Asaria usually recommends nothing more than a mini-facelift.
  • For those whose main objective is to resolve jowls along the jawline: the short-scar technique, is an excellent option.
  • For those seeking a significant correction: Dr. Asaria will often recommend a deep-plane sub-SMAS facelift and neck lift. This in-depth procedure lifts at the muscular level for long lasting results.

For those who want to focus on improving a specific area a targeted lift procedure, such as a brow-lift, mid-face lift or neck-lift may the correct treatment. Each technique and procedure is suited to a different set of needs and desires.

Dr. Asaria has the tools, training and experience to perform all manner of different facial surgery procedures. He will work with you to determine which procedure is best suited to your exact needs so he can deliver among the best facelift surgery Toronto has to offer.

Dr. Asaria Discusses Facelift Recovery

Facelift Toronto

Figure 1

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Figure 2

Facelift Toronto

Figure 3

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* Figure 1: Blue line corresponds to the facelift incision line. Blue shaded area shows region of sub-SMAS elevation. Blue dots indicate location of zygomatic and masseteric-cutaneous ligaments.

Facelift Surgery FAQ

How Does a Facelift Work?

A facelift is achieved by removing excess saggy skin and tissue and tightening the underlying muscle structure to create a more youthful look – when performed correctly, it looks very natural.

Can You Achieve the Same Results with a Non-Surgical Facelift?

No. While you can minimize the visible effects of aging with non-surgical treatments, only a l surgical facelift can resolve excessively sagging facial skin, drooping jowls, a double chin, or deeply-etched lines and wrinkles.

Can I Have a Facelift if I Have Already Had One?

A facelift is a long-lasting enhancement, but the results fade over time, typically a decade or more. In other cases, the procedure failed to meet the expectations of the patient. At Face Toronto, our board-certified facial plastic surgeons are skilled at correcting surgical errors or performing a second facelift if the results have faded over time.

Am I a Candidate for a Facelift?

Men and women who are in good overall health and are experiencing the visible signs of aging such skin laxity, jowls, deep lines and wrinkles, or are tired of looking old and tired are excellent candidates for a facelift.

How Long Will I Need to Recovery From my Facelift?

It generally takes two to three weeks for patients to recover from a facelift. Facial swelling continues to subside for several months after undergoing facelift surgery. The maximum improvement will be visible around six months following surgery, but you will look younger, more well-rested, and rejuvenated within a few weeks.

What are the Benefits of a Facelift?

A facelift can shave years off of your appearance, as well as leave you looking refreshed and more youthful. A facelift can reduce the signs of aging by tightening and lifting the facial skin, smoothing deep lines and wrinkles, removing excess skin, and restoring the underlying muscle structure. When performed with the most advanced surgical techniques, the results appear fresh and natural, and like you, rather than pulled or tight.

Can I Combine a Facelift with Other Procedures?

Yes! A facelift is an excellent procedure to combine with an eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), a neck lift, chin augmentation, laser skin resurfacing, fat grafting, dermal fillers to restore volume. At Face Toronto, we offer a full array of facial rejuvenation procedures, both surgical and non-surgical.

Will a Facelift Make My Face Looked Pulled or Unnatural?

In the hands of our skilled plastic surgeons, who use the most advanced surgical techniques, the results will not appear pulled or strange – you will look like you – just years younger!

How Long will my Facelift Procedure Last?

Every surgical procedure varies in the time it requires, based upon patient need; however, facelift surgery typically takes between three and four hours.

What Type of Anesthesia is Used in a Facelift?

A facelift is usually performed using either IV sedation or general anesthesia for maximum patient comfort.

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