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Dimple creation surgery is a short, thirty-minute procedure that can add an endearing and memorable quality and enhance any smile. While the change produced is subtle, our patients love the unique accent that dimples create. Dr. Asaria performs more of these procedures than any other plastic surgeon in Toronto.

Many people find dimples at the side of the mouth to be an endearing feature. They can subtly enhance and brighten a smile, and are considered attractive across many cultures. A natural dimple is formed when there is a small gap in the cheek muscle. This gap creates a small indentation at the side of the mouth when a person smiles. Dimple creation surgery can recreate this naturally occurring process.

At FACE Cosmetic Surgery Toronto we can create dimples in a short, twenty-minute surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia right here in our Toronto clinic. To create a dimple, a small, painless incision is made on the inside of your cheek. The procedure is performed from the inside of your mouth with no incisions or scars on the outside skin.

Dimple surgery can be performed on any type of cheek, and you can decide exactly where you want the dimple to be located. When performed correctly, it is a straightforward, simple procedure with minimal downtime.

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Dr. Asaria was recently featured on Etalkas a leader in dimpleplasty

Dimple Surgery Toronto

The consultation process

When you come in for dimple surgery, your first step will be a private consultation with Dr. Jamil Asaria or Dr. Alexander. During the first step of this consultation, Dr. Asaria and Dr. Alexander will ask questions to make sure they have a detailed understanding of what specific characteristics in a dimple that you find attractive. Because dimple surgery is specifically tailored to your face, a discussion about the exact location of the dimples as well as the shape and depth is very important.

Some patients desire rounder, deeper dimples. Examples of celebrities with dimples like this are Mario Lopez or Miranda Kerr. Others desire a deep but more vertical dimple such as those possessed by Kirsten Dunst or Jennifer Garner. Some prefer a much more subtle dimple that is only seen with a very full smile. All of these variations are possible by varying the depth and direction of the dimple creation surgery.

The ideal location of a dimple lies approximately at the intersection of an imaginary vertical line dropped from the outer edge of the eye with a horizontal line from the corner of the mouth. This varies slightly with every individual. Dr. Asaria and Dr. Alexander both take great care to tailor dimple creation surgery to each individual patient. Small, detailed adjustments will be made depending on your face shape to ensure that your results are balanced and natural.

Other components of the consultation include a detailed review of your medical history, medications, and allergies. Along with an assessment of your face-shape, facial harmony, and skin type, the inside of your mouth will also be examined carefully to plan the procedure.

The dimple surgery procedure

Dimpleplasty is performed under local anesthesia right in our procedure room in our Toronto based clinic, which has met the highest standards of certification from the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons for cosmetic facial plastic surgery procedures.

The first step is to mark the exact location of the desired dimples on the outside of the cheek. A very small amount (approximately 1cc) of local anesthetic is placed on the inside of both cheeks, and then a tiny incision is made on each side. A small amount of muscle (approximately 3 to 4 mm) is removed in the location that it would be absent in a natural dimple. Next, one or two absorbable sutures (which dissolve in 1-2 weeks) are used to create the new dimple. The amount of muscle removed and the depth of the sutures need to be adjusted very precisely to create the most natural appearing dimples. The entire dimple surgery procedure takes 20-30 minutes to complete.

Dimple surgery recovery

One of the most satisfying things about dimple creation surgery is that the results are instantaneous. Immediately after the dimpleplasty is completed, you will be able to see your new dimples. A common question that people have is whether the dimples will show up when they are not smiling. The answer to this question is absolutely not. Natural dimples are generally only apparent when one smiles or expresses emotion. Because this procedure recreates a similar process, once healed, the dimples will only be seen when you are smiling.

For the first two weeks, the dimples may be visible at all times but this subsides once the healing is complete.

You can resume your normal activities immediately after the procedure, and can eat and drink normally within one or two hours, once the freezing has worn off.

During the first two to three days after dimple surgery, there can be some swelling in the cheeks and sometimes a little bit of bruising right at the location of the dimple.

Most of the time this is very minimal, but some patients do elect to take one or two days off from work or school.

Out of town patients

Approximately 70% of our patients are from out of town and travel to Toronto, Canada to have their procedure performed at FACE Cosmetic Surgery Toronto. We commonly arrange for their dimple creation surgery procedure to be performed on the same day as the consultation. Because the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, there are no restrictions on driving or flying the same day.

Dimple Surgery FAQ

What is a Dimple?

A dimple appears when the buccinator muscle in the cheek is tightly connected to the facial skin causing an indentation in the cheek. This facial feature is seen as a sign of youth and beauty in almost every culture.

What is Dimpleplasty?

Dimpleplasty is a minimally-invasive facial plastic surgery used to create dimples for people who want to achieve this attractive feature.

Where can Dimples be Created?

Dimples are most often created in the face on either the cheeks or the chin, but they can also be created on the lower back. These dimples are also referred to as the “Dimples of Venus.”

Can Cheek Dimples Develop without Surgery?

If you were not born with dimples, you cannot develop them without this minor surgical procedure, which can create completely natural-looking dimples.

Can I Achieve the Same Results as Dimpleplasty with a Cheek Piercing?

Can I Achieve the Same Results as Dimpleplasty with a Cheek Piercing? Some men and women attempt to have dimples with a cheek piercing. This is not an effective method for creating natural-looking cheek dimples.

Am I a Candidate for Dimpleplasty?

Men and women who are in general good health are good candidates for dimpleplasty. A consultation with our board-certified facial plastic surgeon involves a review of your medical history to ensure this minor procedure is safe. If you have always dreamed of having dimples, we can help.

How Long Does Dimple Surgery Last?

Dimpleplasty is a relatively quick surgery that is performed in the comfort of our Toronto office. It can usually be completed in 30 minutes or less.

Do I Get to Select the Location and Depth of my New Cheek Dimples?

Our board-certified facial plastic surgeons will speak with you to determine exactly what you envision for facial dimples. After carefully evaluating your facial muscular structure, we will plan where to place your new dimples for maximum facial balance and beauty.

Can Dimpleplasty be Reversed?

Once dimples are created, they may only be partially reversible. The likelihood that your dimpleplasty can be reversed after its completion will be based upon your unique facial anatomy.

What is the Recovery from Dimpleplasty like?

Since dimpleplasty surgery is performed from within your mouth, you will not be left with any visible scars. You may experience a bit of soreness and bruising while your new dimples heal, but that should resolve within a few weeks. Once the swelling is gone, you will be left with lovely dimples for a more appealing facial appearance.

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

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