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As the central facial feature, the shape of one’s nose has an enormous impact on the balance and harmony of the face. Rhinoplasty is without a doubt the most complex procedure in plastic surgery. A top nose surgeon, Dr. Asaria believes in creating subtle refinements and contour changes while preserving ethnicity. More often than not, less is truly more.

Detailed planning and meticulous technique is needed to produce a beautiful and natural, long-term result. Dr. Asaria believes in creating subtle refinements and change in contours while preserving his patient’s ethnicity and carefully honing and defining select features.

While Rhinoplasty is often performed for cosmetic purposes, it is also commonly done for the purpose of correcting breathing difficulties and other functional abnormalities. Dr. Asaria is often able to address a patient’s functional and cosmetic needs in one rhinoplasty surgery.

Male rhinoplasty

In any rhinoplasty the goal is a harmonious, healthy nose that functions optimally and looks natural, but the process undertaken varies from men to women. As an experienced rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Asaria knows how to tailor the procedure so that masculine features are properly enhanced and preserved.

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Female rhinoplasty

Proper shaping and molding of a woman’s nose requires a sharp eye and a keen insight into the essence of what makes the female face naturally beautiful. Dr. Asaria’s methodical process ensures that he addresses the concerns of his female patients, while maintaining and enhancing their natural aesthetic.

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Ethnic rhinoplasty

If you are of ethnic background, your nose can be representative of your heritage. You want to refine your appearance. You don’t want to lose who you are. Ethnic rhinoplasty takes into account specific qualities that should remain to avoid stripping the patient of their nationality and personality.

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Revision rhinoplasty

When a nose job produces inadequate results and must be redone, the procedure is called revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Asaria is frequently called upon to perform nose job revision surgery for patients who want to remedy an “operated”, unnatural appearance or have developed breathing difficulties following a poor nose job.

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty

For those who are unhappy with some aspect of their nose, they may not need to go under the knife in order to resolve the issue. Many patients have found wonderful results in non-surgical rhinoplasty, which uses cosmetic injectables to correct unbecoming qualities.

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Best Rhinoplasty Toronto

Dr. Asaria featured online in the fashion magazine

Read the story of how Dr. Asaria helped one patient achieve the nose of her dreams.

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Best Rhinoplasty Toronto

Trust your face to an expert meet Dr. Jamil Asaria

Jamil Asaria MD, BSc, FRCSC Founder & Director of FACE Cosmetic Surgery

Clinical Lecturer, Division of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Department of Otolaryngology — Head & Neck Surgery University of Toronto

Toronto rhinoplasty specialist and renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jamil Asaria, has helped thousands of patients achieve the aesthetic appearance they have long desired. Distinguished by a spirited charm, a passion for his work and an uncommon attentiveness to the needs and desires of patients, Dr. Asaria has developed a name for himself as one of the best rhinoplasty nose surgeons Toronto lays claim to.

His work and expert commentary have been featured by mainstream media outlets, such as CBC Television, Global News, eTalk, The Calgary Herald and The Toronto Sun.

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A private cosmetic consultation with Dr. Jamil Asaria

Regardless of what treatment or procedure you are interested in receiving, your first step will be a Private Cosmetic Consultation with Dr. Asaria. During this initial one-on-one session Dr. Asaria will take the time to understand your concerns and learn what aspects of your face you most want to address. What makes a consultation with Dr. Asaria truly unique is that he starts by putting aside products and procedures and shifts the focus to you and your needs.

Often patients will come in requesting a specific treatment or facial filler that they have seen an advertisement for or heard about from a friend. Instead of blindly administering the requested product, Dr. Asaria interviews each of his patients in order to find out why they want that particular treatment or product and what they are hoping to achieve with it. More often than not the problem they are looking to solve is better addressed with a slightly different technique.

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Here at FACE Cosmetic Surgery, you will never find us selling or pushing the latest and greatest facial aesthetic product. Our top priority is helping our patients to get the results they are looking for, in a manner that looks truly genuine and natural. No matter what it is you are seeking to address a private consultation with Dr. Asaria will ensure that your treatment is perfectly suited to you and your needs. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Asaria today.

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