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While some moles are considered a mark of beauty, they may also be placed in unbecoming areas on the face or neck. Likewise, scars and cysts can mar your overall appearance, stealing attention from where it belongs—on you. We can help remove these unwanted markings, restoring your face to its rightfully beautiful appearance with our scar, cyst and mole removal in Toronto.

For the most part, moles are harmless growths. In some cases, depending upon their location they may even add character to one’s appearance. Unfortunately they can also seriously detract from one’s character if misplaced in a prominent facial area.

Scars and cysts are equally harmless on a physical level. It may be time to explore removal options. At FACE Toronto, we provide these to you with total competence, delivered by Dr. Asaria who is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon.

Scar Removal

Scars are the result of your body’s natural ability to heal itself after an injury. This is largely a positive thing, but unfortunately our bodies haven't yet perfected complete cosmetic restoration of wounds and abrasions. Many minor injuries leave no scar, but others do. When the remnants of a laceration are located in a prominent and visible part of the body it can be less than flattering.

Scar removal consists of widely varied and highly developed procedures. While some treatment just requires the application of topical cream, other treatment includes surgical techniques for scars that are a little more stubborn. Dr. Asaria is an expert in surgical techniques to facilitate scar removal, sometimes even using a skin graft to ensure the scar is completely gone. Whatever your circumstances, Dr. Asaria will discuss your options at great length, reaching a conclusion that you understand and agree with.

Mole & Cyst Removal Toronto

Cyst Removal

Cysts are noncancerous and generally benign. They are pockets in the skin that become filled with pus or other bodily fluid. They appear as round protrusions on the skin and feel like a small pea lodged underneath the surface of the skin. They may be caused by infection, clogging of the oil glands, or by the introduction of a foreign object, such as a splinter.

Cyst removal is an effective procedure to restore the natural contour of your skin at the site of the cyst. Dr. Asaria will likely diagnose the cyst by simply looking at it. His surgical techniques are designed to completely remove this unwanted growth. He is well-versed in closing techniques and will ensure the scar left is minimal or completely unseen.

Mole Removal

Many people think of moles as a dark spot or irregularity in the skin. While this is true, moles are to be distinguished from other skin blemishes, such as birthmarks. A mole typically protrudes from the skin. This protrusion can be very little (less than 1mm) or can be frighteningly large (1cm). In any case, non-optimum mole placement can affect patients cosmetically, bringing about a desire for mole removal.

Moles may be removed with excision by cutting. In this case, depending upon the size of the mole, the resultant wound may or may not require stitches. The other method of excision by cauterization, in which case the mole is burned off with a precise tool that is manufactured for this exact purpose. We take caution during our Toronto mole removal to keep in mind both safety and cosmetic concerns.

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

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