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There is nothing that complements a face like thick, luscious lips and a beautifully shaped mouth. Unfortunately as we age, so do our lips. They may begin to droop or lose their volume, contributing to an angry or sad appearance. Fortunately there are procedures that effectively correct these conditions with near-permanent results.

At FACE Toronto, we specialize in minimally invasive as well as surgical procedures designed to restore youth and balance to your mouth, causing your whole face to appear refreshed. Whether your lips have lost volume, your upper lip has dropped farther below your nose, or the corners of your mouth have become turned down, Dr. Asaria and Dr. Alexander can help correct the condition.

Conversely, we also offer lip reduction for those whose lips have too much volume, either inherently or due to an overly ambitious lip augmentation procedure. When it comes to lips, size is key, allowing them to be perfectly proportionate to the rest of your face. Dr. Alexander or Dr. Ashlin can apply effective lip reduction procedures to give the exact proportions you’ve been seeking.

Lip Injection Toronto

Lip Lift

The signs of aging occur at varying rates in different parts of the body. The face is an area where it is most evident, and the mouth in particular is a definite clue to someone’s age.

Aging signs in one’s mouth can take several forms. Primary among them are:

  • Elongated philtrum (groove in upper lip), resulting in an upper lip that is not upturned and perky
  • Thinning lips
  • Drooping corners of the mouth, contributing to an apathetic or lackluster appearance

For an elongated philtrum, Dr. Asaria and Dr. Alexander uses a technique to lift your upper lip back up where it belongs, giving it a perky, youthful appearance. He does this using a tiny incision at the base of the nose, pulling the lip upward to restore its previous, buoyant position. This procedure may also improve the voluminous appearance of thinning lips.

Dr. Asaria and Dr. Alexander also specialize in techniques to turn up the corners of the mouth. While this may be done non-surgically with the use of injectable fillers, you may require a procedure that is a little more permanent, requiring less maintenance. Depending upon the severity, surgery may be necessary in order to correct this condition.

Lip Reduction

Occasionally a patient will experience lips with too much volume. This may be inherent in the patient or it may be due to a previous plastic surgery procedure that was done a little too enthusiastically. In either case, Dr. Asaria or Dr. Alexander will utilize his technical expertise and aesthetic eye to map out a treatment plan that will give your lips the exact right size and shape.

Lip reduction is a minimally invasive procedure, only requiring local anesthetic in most cases. Because of this, it is also an outpatient procedure and you will be allowed to go home immediately following your surgery. Dr. Asaria or Dr. Alexander will remain available to answer any questions or concerns you may have during your recovery period.

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

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