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A beautiful, youthful face is characterized by smooth contours, which are reflective of light. As we age, loss of fat and muscle volume beneath the skin creates hollows that cast shadows about the face. Fat grafting provides a natural solution to restoring that supple, youthful volume throughout the face.

Microsculpture fat grafting (also known as fat transfer, micro fat injections, or fat transplant) is used to improve the contour of the face with micro injections of fat and stem cells that are harvested from other parts of your body such as the abdomen or thighs.

Compared to temporary fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane, Dr. Asaria's fat grafting and fat transfer in Toronto allow for larger volumes of augmentation and create permanent results using your body’s own natural material.

Problem areas that typically respond well to Fat Grafting include:

  • Hollowing of the temples
  • Hollowing in the upper eyelid region
  • Deep grooves or shadows under the lower eyelids (tear-troughs),
  • Loss of height in the cheek bones
  • Hollowing in the cheek region,
  • Deep folds in the nasolabial and labiomental regions (also know as smile lines and marionette lines),
  • Thinning of the lip
  • Shadows along the jowls and jawline.

Fat grafting can be performed under local anesthesia, with intravenous sedation, or under a general anesthetic depending on your preference.

Before & After

The best way to determine whether a surgeon is capable of giving you the results you desire is to view his past work and results.

Fat Grafting Toronto

micro fat grafting done differently at Face Toronto

Dr. Asaria uses an extremely gentle technique to harvest fat manually (with a micro-fat grafting suction cannula), which only harvests the finest cells and treats them as delicately as possible.

The fat cells are centrifuged manually with a special process that was developed by Dr. Asaria to separate out purified fat cells and growth factors without traumatizing the cells. This is the key to high rates of survival of the transferred fat.

Special blunt-tipped cannulas are used which are extremely fine (less than one mm wide). Although this technique takes a long time to perform, it ensures placing the fat in precise, minute volumes to produce a natural and long-lasting result—this is what allows fat grafting to be permanent and avoids irregularities.

Your results are dependent on the technique as well as the artistic vision of your surgeon. As a specialist in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Asaria understands the importance of a long-lasting, natural result. This is our philosophy for all procedures at FACE. He does not believe in over-correcting or over-filling. Rather, the goal of every procedure that he performs is to produce a substantial but natural and refreshed appearance.

Top Toronto facial surgeon

When selecting a cosmetic surgeon to perform fat grafting in Toronto, it is of the utmost importance that you choose a surgeon who truly understands the anatomy of the human face.

As a highly trained head and neck surgeon with extensive education in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Asaria is one of the most highly qualified facial cosmetic surgeons in the city of Toronto and all of Canada.

Dr. Asaria teaches the art of producing natural, refined results in his capacity as a Lecturer in the Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Toronto. He acts as a consultant surgeon to the Toronto Raptors Basketball Team and is actively involved in the development and delivery of the Certifying Examinations for the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery in Washington, D.C.

Facial procedures should never look overdone

It is always better to appear natural and age gracefully, rather than to appear artificial in any way. Whether considering a surgical or a non-surgical procedure for your face, the key is to obtain a result that preserves your ethnicity and balances your other facial features. Rather than produce drastic change, Dr. Asaria will subtly enhance, refine, and refresh.

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

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