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While the ears may not be positioned at the front of your face, they can still drastically affect your overall appearance. Ears that are misshapen or that protrude excessively can detract from your beauty. FACE Toronto specializes in techniques to reshape or pin your ears, bringing symmetry and balance where it has been lacking.

The ear is a delicately shaped structure. It is common to see developmental deformities of the ear resulting in inadequate folding or excessive cartilage growth, which cause the ears to protrude. Additionally, there may be asymmetry of the ears leading to an unbalanced appearance.

At FACE Cosmetic Surgery, Toronto otoplasty specialist Dr. Asaria and Dr. Alexander have mastery in techniques that give your ears the most natural result possible. They will look at your entire face with an artistic eye, helping you determine the procedure that will give the best overall result from any angle.


At FACE Toronto, we specialize in performing both traditional and incisionless ear pinning techniques to give you the most natural result, setting back your ears to make them less prominent. Incisionless otoplasty can be performed in our cosmetic surgery clinic under local anesthesia in a short 45-minute period. No incisions are made in the skin. Instead, all of the work is done with special sutures placed through small pinholes. It is a great option for many of our patients to minimize downtime.

In addition to Toronto ear pinning, Dr. Asaria and Dr. Alexander offer other otoplasty procedures for cosmetic, ear-related shortcomings. Patients’ ears may be misshapen due to a number of reasons, including birth defects, injury or so-called cauliflower ears from excessive friction on one’s ears. In any case, Dr. Asaria and Dr. Alexander's expertise and knowledge offers among the best otoplasty Toronto has available.

Planning your otoplasty

At FACE Toronto, your procedure begins with a consultation in a relaxed environment. During this consultation, Dr. Asaria or Dr. Alexander will discuss your goals and answer any questions you may have. From this point forward, you and he will plan a treatment program based upon exactly what you would like to achieve. Dr. Asaria or Dr. Alexander will take as much time as is necessary to ensure you are fully educated on your approaching procedure. As is the case with any plastic surgery, we would not expect a patient to undergo any procedure without full knowledge of exactly how their body will be altered.

Excellent communication between patient and surgeon is crucial during the planning phase. Dr. Asaria and Dr. Alexander will take great care to ensure that you feel one hundred percent comfortable with your treatment plan long before surgery begins.

Before & After

The best way to determine whether a surgeon is capable of giving you the results you desire is to view his past work and results.

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