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There is a broad spectrum of non-surgical treatments available today, which can enhance our facial features and restore balance to our facial proportions. With instant results and minimal downtime, a face can be transformed in a matter of minutes.

In patients with mild signs of aging or who are not ready to undergo surgery, there are a number of non-surgical options available, all of which can be used to enhance your natural beauty, restoring a youthful appearance and correcting a wide number of issues.

There are many non-surgical procedures which, when used artistically, can completely revitalize your appearance. We believe that the key to delivering superior results is using these tools in a soft and artistic manner. The goal is to produce a natural look that accentuates your best features.

Botox & Filler

In the world of facial injections, we do not incorporate a one-size-fits-all methodology. We look at your entire face, allowing us to create a generally refreshed appearance by harnessing the individual strengths of each product we use.

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Lip Augmentation

At FACE, we never create an over-corrected or overfilled lip. Our approach is subtle, utilizing the natural shape of your mouth to enhance your lips in a way that is tasteful and natural. Our fluent knowledge of available fillers will get the result you want.

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Non-Surgical Facelift

If you are not ready to undergo surgery, or if it is simply unnecessary, a non-surgical facelift may be a helpful alternative. Combining a number of fillers, our expert injectors can create a youthful, buoyant look in your face with minimal downtime and a virtually pain-free experience.

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

For those who are unhappy with some aspect of their nose, they may not need to go under the knife in order to resolve the issue. Many patients have found wonderful results in non-surgical rhinoplasty, which uses cosmetic injectables to correct unbecoming qualities.

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Chemical Peels

When it comes to your skin, it’s important to develop regrowth and rejuvenation. Chemical peels embody this concept, giving your skin an opportunity to reform into its native, glowing state. Read more to find out exactly what this procedure can do for you.

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Aesthetic Skin Care

These days, the options are seemingly endless when it comes to physical enhancement techniques. At FACE Toronto, we stick with the latest technology and methods, ensuring you have a full array of options when it comes to caring for your skin.

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

Dear Patients:

At FACE, nothing is more important to us than your health and safety. While we are temporarily delaying surgeries and injectables until April 6, 2020, it has created an opportunity for us to make virtual consultations as streamlined and easy as possible for you. Our office is open as usual for any email, telephone, or video inquiries. Furthermore, Dr. Asaria and Dr. Alexander have expanded availability for virtual consultations. Schedule a virtual consultation today to explore your options and receive expert recommendations from our world-leading facial plastic surgeons.