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Rhinoplasty or a nose job is a much in demand cosmetic procedure that has helped men and women get the facial makeover they desire. But it can be a little heavier on the pocket than some other cosmetic procedures. It is important to understand why this expense is more than worth it.

Accuracy is Critical

Unlike some other cosmetic surgery procedures, the margin for error with rhinoplasty is very small. A mistake could adversely impact your breathing or create a look that you dislike but have to see in the mirror every morning.

Rhinoplasty is a Highly Skilled Job

Due to the highly critical nature of the job and the skilled nature of the work, there are stringent training requirements and exams that a cosmetic surgeon needs to pass to qualify as a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. This training takes years and years of hard work. As such, when you get a nose job from a reputed trustworthy name, you should also be prepared to pay for the quality. And when it comes to rhinoplasty, expertise and experience matter much more than saving a few bucks. After all, you’ll need to live with the results for the rest of your life.

Life-long Results!

One very important thing to keep in mind when considering the cost of a rhinoplasty is that this is a permanent cosmetic surgery procedure. Unlike Botox injections that need to be administered every few months, a rhinoplasty creates results that last you a lifetime. When you consider the expense in that context, you’ll see how it actually great value for money!

Each Rhinoplasty Procedure is Different

There is no one size fits all” solution for rhinoplasty. The extent of work needed and how complex the procedure is will vary with each case. The cosmetic surgeon will do an assessment and examination of your nose and facial structure before deciding on the right course of action. You could, for instance, need some internal work done to enable normal breathing with your new narrower nose or smaller nostrils. This can also add to the cost of the rhinoplasty but is a necessary expense.

Costs of Anesthesia and Related Expenses

Besides the fees for the services of your plastic surgeon, you are also paying for the services of other specialist and consumables used during the surgery. Since rhinoplasty is often conducted under general anesthesia, you will also have to pay for the anesthesiologist.

Get Your Rhinoplasty From a Trusted Facial Surgery Center

Rhinoplasty is a very specialized procedure that is best done by an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Given the technical nature of the procedure and the expertise involved, it is wise to go with someone who is board-certified, well-trained, experienced, and has a great track record. If you want to get your money to deliver, it is best to invest in getting your nose job done by someone who ticks all these boxes.

Fix a Consultation to Discuss a Rhinoplasty

If you need a rhinoplasty done, Face Toronto is a sound choice. With a skilled group of cosmetic surgery specialists and support staff and a friendly yet efficient environment, you'll breathe easy with this team on your side. You'll be in the able care of Dr Jamil Asaria who is an experienced board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon. He has conducted thousands of facial surgeries over the years, is highly trained, and has an eye for detail. Schedule that rhinoplasty now and take that first step to a new look! Visit the center at 251 Davenport Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 1J9, Canada or call (888) 684-7066.

Why is rhinoplasty so expensive compared to other plastic surgery?

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Why is rhinoplasty so expensive compared to other plastic surgery?

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