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Snoring can be more than an annoying problem for some people. It can interfere with sleep patterns and lead to exhaustion, daytime drowsiness, and more. Getting a rhinoplasty can be the most effective solution to snoring in some cases.

Snoring is a Common problem

According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation, nearly half of all American adults snore. About 25% of all adults are habitual snorers. While snoring could be caused or affected by allergies, colds, excessive weight, or even alcohol consumption, there are also some other causes which are linked to structural issues in the anatomy.

Depending on the underlying cause, rhinoplasty could help with treating the issue and giving you (and those around you) relief from your incessant snoring.

For instance, having crooked nasal passages can make breathing difficult. A rhinoplasty can fix issues with the structure of the nose, the size of the nostrils, and the size of nasal passages to help with breathing.

Deviated Nasal Septum Can Be Fixed With Rhinoplasty

One problem that is fixed with a nose job or rhinoplasty, is a deviated nasal septum. The nasal septum can sometimes be bent or not properly centered, impacting your ability to breathe normally. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can use plastic surgery to correct this issue, easing breathing problems and by extension, the snoring.

Functional Rhinoplasty May Help If You have Sleep Apnea Too

Chronic snoring is a common complaint among those with sleep apnea.

If you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), you might find yourself being roused when you’re sleeping because your breathing is obstructed. Your body wakes you up to be able to breathe properly again. It might also cause you to always sleep with your mouth open or gasp for breath in your sleep.

A doctor will be able to examine you to determine if you have OSA and to check whether clearing nasal obstructions can help.

Next Steps For a Rhinoplasty

Once your cosmetic surgeon and doctor determine that a rhinoplasty can help your snoring, you will need to set a date for the procedure. It will be conducted under anesthesia or sedation and you should be able to return to work in a couple of weeks.

The rhinoplasty procedure should help you:

  • Snore less
  • Sleep better
  • Ease other related problems, like daytime drowsiness

If you have a functional rhinoplasty, it may be possible to have the expenses covered by your insurance provider. Remember, if you combine it with a cosmetic rhinoplasty this may not always be possible as cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance.

Consult a Facial Cosmetic Surgeon to Check if Rhinoplasty Can Help

If you suspect that your snoring might be linked to nasal constructions of some kind, rhinoplasty could be the answer.

Why not fix an appointment with a good cosmetic surgeon to have it checked? The Face Toronto cosmetic surgery center is conveniently located at 251 Davenport Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 1J9, Canada. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Dr Jamil Asaria is a highly skilled board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon who handles rhinoplasty at Face Toronto. He has handled thousands of complex facial surgeries and is highly trained to handle all kinds of intricate procedures. He will be able to examine you and help determine if you could benefit from rhinoplasty.

Does rhinoplasty stop snoring?

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Does rhinoplasty stop snoring?

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