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Rhinoplasty or a nose job can give you an all-new look and change how you see yourself. But how long do the effects of a nose job last? Before investing your time and money on this procedure, you probably want to know if this is something that has lasting effects. The good news is that in general, rhinoplasty results do last a lifetime!

Results of a Rhinoplasty

After you have your rhinoplasty done, you will experience a little swelling and bruising on the face, especially in the area around the nose where the surgeon has done some work. After this subsides, you will start to see the new contours of your nose. Major changes will be immediately noticeable. However, subtle changes may also start to become visible as time passes and the face heals. This can be a slow and gradual process - sometimes taking as long as a year - but once you’re past it, you will have a great looking new nose for the rest of your life!

Rhinoplasty Makes Structural Changes to Your Nose

During a rhinoplasty, a cosmetic surgeon makes changes to your nasal passages, nostrils, bone, and cartilage, depending on what your expectations and the desired look are. Common requests for rhinoplasty involve reducing nose size, narrowing the nose, lifting a droopy tip of the nose, correcting crookedness, reducing the bridge and so on. Since these changes are made to the very structure of your nose and not to parts of the body that are constantly growing and changing, the effects tend to last a lifetime.

Your Nose Job Should Last a Lifetime!

For most people, one rhinoplasty should last a lifetime. For some, as time goes by, the expectations of their appearance might change - including what kind of nose they want! If that’s the case, they might opt to undergo a further rhinoplasty to change their look again. You may also opt for a second nose job if you did not have all the possible issues dealt with the first time and then later decided you do want everything fixed. For everyone else though, that nose job if done correctly by a skilled cosmetic surgeon usually does not need any further follow-up procedures.

Rhinoplasty is Done When Growth Spurts are Over

The reason cosmetic surgeons ask you to wait until you have finished the growth spurt experienced during adolescence, besides wanting you to have the emotional maturity, is that your nose and face will have completed growing. As such, modifications made to the nose will then last longer and not need to be modified as the face and nose grow and change.

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Do rhinoplasty results last forever?

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Do rhinoplasty results last forever?

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