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6 Questions to ask before undergoing rhinoplasty

If you have made up your mind about having a rhinoplasty, you’re probably excited and a little nervous about the big day. In all of this, it is easy to forget to ask some of those all-important questions. Avoid finding yourself in a situation where you’re having to rely on second-hand information and instead get the facts straight from the surgeon and his team. These are questions you should have the answer to before undergoing rhinoplasty.

1. What are the credentials of your surgeon? Is he/she board-certified?

It is important to choose a well-qualified, board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has undergone hundreds of hours of training and rigorous testing to meet the standards of the medical board. Board-certification is a safeguard for you if you don’t have time to do further due-diligence or research into your surgeon. That said, it helps to also check their track record and experience to be doubly sure.

2. How experienced is the surgeon? How many rhinoplasty procedures has he/she done?

Being facial surgery, this is a very visible kind of cosmetic surgery where the surgeon’s handiwork is on display for the world to see, every single day. There’s no real scope to cover it up. Having an experienced surgeon who has dealt with thousands of cases and has a great track record increases your chances of getting the results you desire.

3. Do you need any additional work?

Sometimes, in addition to structural changes for aesthetic reasons, some additional internal work may be needed to help your breathing and ensure this is not compromised in any way. If that’s the case, this could increase the cost of your rhinoplasty. Remember, this aspect is best left to the discretion of your cosmetic surgeon.

4. What type of anesthesia will you be getting?

Discuss your anesthesia and sedation options well ahead of D-day. Your cosmetic surgeon will typically offer you a choice of either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. This does, however, depend on your particular case as well as the options available at the center you are at. There may be some additional things to be done or precautions needed based on your choice of sedation.

5. Are there any Do’s and Don’ts before or after a Rhinoplasty?

Do ask your surgeon about any precautions or dos and don'ts in the lead up to the big day. If you smoke, you might need to stop in the weeks before your nose job. Certain medications that thin the blood may need to be stopped. You may require someone to bring you home after surgery. Do remember to ask about all of this and more. Your cosmetic surgeon will typically have a ready list of dos and don’ts for you which will ease your way. Just don’t forget to ask!

6. What results should I expect?

Being clear about the potential outcome and desired results is a very important piece of the puzzle. If you and your cosmetic surgeon are on the same page on this, you're more likely to get the results you want. By asking this question, you might discover some gaps in communication and can clear up any concerns you may have as well. It will also give you an idea of what to expect after surgery and how soon you can expect to notice a difference in how your nose looks.

Have Your Questions Answered by a Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

Experienced board-certified facial surgery cosmetic surgeon Dr Jamil Asaria can be a great sounding board. Ask him or the team at Face Toronto all your questions and clear up any doubts you might have about a rhinoplasty. Make an appointment for a consultation at the center at our Toronto center, or call today.

6 Questions to Ask Before Rhinoplasty

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6 Questions to Ask Before Rhinoplasty

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