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African-American rhinoplasty is common subtype of ethnic rhinoplasty that has its own individual nuances. In the African community, the size and shape of the nose tends to vary considerably from one patient to the next. This heavily depends upon whether they are descendants of North, East, or West Africa. The patients who are of Caribbean or South American background also have distinctive features about their nose.

While each patient may have a slightly different concept about how they want to improve their beauty through rhinoplasty, a common theme is maintaining an ethnic appearance. In this effort, Dr. Asaria is entirely sensitive to the natural African American appearance and takes every precaution to ensure it is preserved. For patients seeking among the best African American rhinoplasty Toronto has available, look no further than Dr. Asaria. Please read below for more information or call our office with any questions.

African American Rhinoplasty Toronto

African american rhinoplasty overview

African American rhinoplasty demands a high level of skill and cosmetic understanding. Dr. Asaria has spent years sharpening his ability to combine a patient’s cosmetic desires with his own technique to create the perfect outcome. While patients may vary in terms of their personal desires, Dr. Asaria has found several common threads in each African American rhinoplasty he delivers. In general, African American patients want the following changes:

  • Narrower alar base, where the nostrils meet the face
  • Defined nasal tip
  • Reduced nostril flare
  • More pronounced bridge

In order to produce the ideal result, Dr. Asaria performs a comprehensive consultation to establish everything that is needed and wanted. During this time, he encourages his patients to take full advantage of his knowledge and expertise, asking any questions they need to gain a complete understanding of how African American rhinoplasty can help them achieve their cosmetic goals. Additionally, Dr. Asaria will perform a thorough exam to establish specific aspects of the nose, facial structure and skin.

Dr. Asaria's approach to African American rhinoplasty

While Dr. Asaria has many years of experience helping African American patients get the results they deserve, he never approaches a patient with a preconceived notion of what they “need.” Instead, he looks at each new patient as an opportunity to provide highly individualized, beautiful results from African American rhinoplasty.

Each surgical plan is designed according to a patient’s unique needs and desires. He does this by reaching a complete understanding with the patient regarding how to best enhance the nose to bring balance, symmetry and beauty to the entire face. If you are interested in African American rhinoplasty, your next step is a consultation with Dr. Jamil Asaria.

African American Rhinoplasty Toronto

Dr. Asaria featured online in the fashion magazine

Read the story of how Dr. Asaria helped one patient achieve the nose of her dreams.

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African American Rhinoplasty Toronto

Custom African American Rhinoplasty Surgery

Dr. Asaria was recently featured in Elevate Magazine, interviewed on his perspective on ethnic rhinoplasty procedures. African Americans who want to alter nose structure should ensure the plastic surgeon performing the procedure is a recognized leader in the field of custom facial plastic surgery.

"For non-Caucasian patients, they should find a surgeon that has a large proportion of ethnic patients. Surgeons who are focusing on ethnic surgery can deliver a more natural and well-balanced result for patients." - Dr. Jamil Asaria

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Planning your rhinoplasty surgery

Dr. Asaria spends a great deal of time in surgical planning, one of the fundamental points in his ability to create superior surgical outcomes in African American nose surgery. Nothing is left to chance, with every detail fully outlined so the look you envision is achieved. Your long-term happiness with the outcome matters to us, above all.

Dr. Asaria is a talented facial plastic surgeon, recognized for his high-level skills in ethnic rhinoplasty. While some surgeons may occasionally perform rhinoplasty surgery, this surgery makes up about 30 percent Dr. Asaria’s Toronto practice. There is no substitute for experience, particularly when performing one of the most complex of all facial procedures.

Rhinoplasty Toronto
Rhinoplasty Surgeon Toronto, Dr. Asaria

Rhinoplasty in Toronto for African Americans

Our goal is to create a look that brings you joy, freedom, and confidence. If your nose shape bothers you, and you dream of having a more attractive look, we invite you to meet with us to discuss your vision.

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

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